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Twitter News: They’ve Filed for an IPO & Launched a Verified Users Filter

Twitter IPO

A Tweet from Twitter announced that Twitter has “confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO”.

Todd Meisler Twitter Account

So, what does it mean that the micro-blogging platform powerhouse has officially filed for an IPO? For now, because the IPO is confidential, the financial information won’t be immediately released to the public. But hold tight and we’ll keep you updated on all the news as it breaks!

Avinash Verified Account

Verified Account Interactions

More Twitter news: Verified User Filter

Verified users can now filter their mentions & interactions by other verified users. This filter basically creates a way for created a way for verified users to choose to only view tweets from other verified users.

If you have a verified account click the “mentions” options on your interactions page and you will now see an option to sort by “all,” “filtered” and “verified.” What does this mean? Twitter is cleverly encouraging celebs and Twitter big wigs with the blue checkmark tweet cred to use the browser version instead of logging on to Hootsuite or other social media management tools.

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