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Search Love San Diego – Top Tweets Afternoon Sessions Day 1

Here we go with part two of our favorite tweets from the Search Love San Diego conference that took place in San Diego September 5th & 6th. One of the best conferences I’ve been to ever. Why? The caliber of speakers and topics. During this two day, single track event, some serious tips and information were offered!

Search Love San Diego speakers

I sat in on the conference wearing two hats; one as ZD Design Agency social marketing manager and another as SEM San Diego blogger/social media manager.

The afternoon speakers from day one of #SearchLove were the amazing Mackenzie Fogelson, Mark Suster, Kate Morris and Rand Fishkin.

Mackenzie Fogelson

Mackenzie Fogelson

Some of our favorite Tweets during talk with Mackenzie Fogelson on “Are We There Yet? A 12 month Trip from Nowhere to Somewhere”.

@SEM_SandDiego: Build community to build relationship with customers. @mackfogelson #searchlove

@lookado: Over time, you get more of the right customers by building communities. @mackfogelson #searchlove

@JoannaLord: hell yes. its time for “the shift from interruption to being a part of the customers life” #customercentric #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: Offer a resource that truly offers something of value. @mackfogelson #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: Build community from goals not tools.

@portentint: As an agency, you can’t just take over a client’s social. You have to be picky. It’s not your company. @mackfogelson #searchlove

@EdmontonSEO: You have to teach your clients how to manage their social media. What to post, who to follow and engage with. @mackfogelson #searchlove

@dfcanfield: @mackfogelson: grow your email list “for everything. your customers have already said ‘yes, you can market to me.'” #searchlove

@portentint: Quality, not quantity. The right 75 followers is better than the wrong 75,000. @mackfogelson #searchlove

@adriasaracino: How to measure community building ROI via @mackfogelson #searchlove pres:… – Actionable, specific, & downright awesome.

Mark Suster

Mark Suster

Some of our favorite Tweets during talk with Mark Suster on “The Impact of Big Web Trends”.

@SEM_SandDiego: Social is going mobile…. Instagram anyone? @msuster #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: What you like is becoming more important that who you know = Interest Graph @msuster #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: Without full funnel attribution don’t know where clicks are coming from @msuster #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: Social media ad spending expected to increase 65% over next 4 years @msuster #searchlove

@lookado: In 3 years, up to 65% of your brand’s reputation will come from its social media presence. @msuster #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: 90% of web based leads take 2+ call backs to make a sale @msuster #sm #searchlove

@JoannaLord: is sharing some juicy video stats. #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: Future all about video says @msuster #searchlove

@willcritchlow: This is the @msuster post that @duncanmorris mentioned in the #searchlove intro: read it. Then re-read it.

Kate Morris

Kate Morris

Some of our favorite Tweets during talk with Kate Morris on “Lost in Translation: Expanding Internationally”.

@SEM_SandDiego: Geotargeting is not translation. Translation is a tiny part of geotargeting @katemorris #searchlove

@JoannaLord: Loving that @katemorris is stressing psychological theory. Critical for personalization and user centric campaigns. #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: If you use Google translate for international @katemorris will come hunt you down #searchlove

@mackfogelson: Here’s a little present from @katemorris for your international SEO ventures: #searchlove

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin

Some of our favorite Tweets during talk with Rand Fishkin on “Building Great Digital Marketing Teams”.

@SEM_SandDiego: Great work attracts great talent. @randfish #searchlove

@mackfogelson : I love how @randfish talks about how culture is not catered lunches and snack drawers. Those are just perks. #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: Interview goals – does the candidate fit with your values, beliefs, mission & will work well with people on the team @randfish #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: Candidates should be able to draw a marketing funnel. @randfish #searchlove

@Phelps_agency: Mentioned 2x now by @randfish. Don’t let your role define your influence, let your influence define your role #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: People can only be accountable for tasks fully under their control @randfish . Don’t let your role define your influence, let your influence define your role #searchlove

@mackfogelson: Set deadlines for very small pieces of the final result in order to have success in reaching the ultimate deadline. @randfish #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego: only those who will be doing the work should set timetable for delivery @randfish #searchlove

@SEM_SandDiego #15Five – Use for employees to spend 15 minutes writing a report that can be read in 5 mins @randfish #searchlove

What was your favorite takeaway? Share it with us in the comments!

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