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How Businesses Can Use Facebook Embedded Posts

Facebook recently announced a new feature that is a great tool for businesses to use and allows users to embed their Facebook posts onto their blog, landing page or website. When you copy and past the embed code and add it to your website, blog or landing page it appears exactly as you see it on Facebook. It will include all the details of your post including content, photos, videos and hashtags.

So, why take the time to embed the Facebook post to your website or other page? Because visitors to your webpage or blog can interact with the embedded posts just as they would on Facebook. They can like or share the post directly from the website.

This new tool will allow visitors to your website to interact with your Facebook business page and keep that social media conversation moving.

Here is an example of an imbedded post:

Here’s a quick tutorial on embedding posts:

Step 1: Hover your mouse to the top right corner of the Facebook Post and click on the down arrow.

Facebook Embedding Step 1

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click embed post.

Facebook Embedding Step 2

Step 3: Copy and Paste the code into your website or blog.

Facebook Embedding Step 3

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