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5. Limit submission fields to 1


Based on the pot of Gold theory, all you need is their email…that’s it. You can reach them.

Every opt-in form I have seen, or nearly every form, asks for more than is really needed. I mean all you need is their email to get to them so, why do you need their address, first and last name, phone, and a message as to why they are opting in, etc…?  You don’t, of course, and your potential customer realizes this too, so you are not fooling anyone by asking for more data, you are making it evident that you want more before you will give them that little bit of offering. Full details and more… are too much.

Just two fields (name and email) seem reasonable to fill out, but, it’s twice as much field, and this means twice as much friction—and potentially, half the conversion rate.  As you can see, we must be considerate and thoughtful as to equate the value of what we are offering to a realistic expectation by the user.

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