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6. Make your Call-to-Action text Clear and Give the Result.


Even after spending so much time on strategy, messaging, testing, and targeting, you still have to have the right CTA. With that comes the best verbiage to drive that CLICK.

What we are talking about here is the Call To Action (CTA)—we are asking our prospects to take action.


The problem is, what we really want to do is tell them the result, the prospect wants to know what they gain and what they get before clicking, so the more clear that driving text is, the higher % of clicks. We need to give the user the text that best describes the final result or benefit they will gain from clicking now.  We don’t want to remind them what they have to do.  They need to be told the benefit and what they will gain.


It’s not easy to have the payoff or driving text on the buttons. You want to have the best text that can drive the specific action, SEND or SUBMIT is not enough to convert most often. This is the standard pre-defined button text and it’s not enough anymore. The button is the most obvious CTA, and most commonly passed by when optimizing for better conversions. Below are some examples of most commonly used button copy, with optimization and improving the implied value. By slightly tweaking the verbiage, you can have a stronger message to action:

Button text CTA vs. Optimized Button text CTA

Instead of Submit – how bout Send Me My 10 Tips!

Rather than Subscribe –  how bout Get Me on the List!

Instead of Join –  how bout Be Part of Our Elite Group!

Instead of Sign upSign Up NOW!

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