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4. Don’t offer more, Offer Less.

4So, many people offer FREE this and FREE that.  I guess, some marketers have the idea that giving away more free content to “build value” is an effective way to offer. I believe that too much free stuff adds to the information overload that will turn this user against you.

There is only so much that people can comprehend and implement at one time. Even though it seems like more work, to break your offering down into 5 emails of simple information may be more effective than a 15-page pdf that has 10-point types and requires hours of reading. People just don’t have the time these days, so design your content accordingly.

Even if you have the most amazing document on “How to” or “Tips for”, your potential customer may not be able to digest it like you think. If your customer can’t make it through what you offer, they will get little or no value, therefore you failed at helping them.

So, offer small pieces at a time and offer words of confidence and motivation to help get them through your offering. The less he or she has to do, or “thinks they have to do”, the more successful result they will have after utilizing your offering. Pretty simple, aye?

So, send your emails with content in small bites, and consider that the user may not even have the time to get through as much as you think. Be considerate and make it easier for them to gain value and better results with less pressure and more support.

You want to be sure that they will definitely use what you send and not go into the black hole of stuff they will only “get to later.”  It should be content or offerings that can be used and implemented so as to show results easily and quickly.

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