1. Opt-in Form Copy Optimization

Okay guys, here we go… I am sharing 7 tips that we use to improve conversion on landing pages and squeeze pages to get opt-ins and new leads. First, I want you to know that, from my experience, nobody will buy or opt-in for crap.

Your offering needs to be good, good enough to make you opt-in. Keep this in mind as we continue. I believe your emails are the little pots of Gold that you have in the safe of your business, if they are segmented and fresh, even better. Really, your emails are much more valuable than you would think, and will be more so in the future. Many of these ideas below are not new. It’s just that many professionals don’t follow their own advice; so, I am hammering in these key techniques again.


There are many deciding factors when someone opts-in to something.  But, we can see that the following problems can be solved by putting a little bit of love into the mix. Our theory is that you can always improve campaigns and CTA’s with some A/B testing and better content development.

So, if you’ve got a good offer and well-qualified traffic, you will IMPROVE your existing opt-in rates from 30% to 60% by using the first technique below.

Write an amazing opt-in form text for your user.

Don’t discount the importance of accurate writing and great verbiage for your pages. The copy is easy to gloss over and say “Oh yeah, the copy is fine on our page”, because you are usually under the gun to quickly produce a page and sometimes a quantity of pages for various ads. But,  if you A/B test your landing pages, you will find performance differences with even the smallest copy changes to your landing and lead pages.

The headline should grab attention and tell people exactly what they get when they sign up for your emails. Example: “Get Your Free Content Marketing Toolkit” – The body should qualify people and nudge them to take action.

Example: “If you’re serious about content marketing, enter your email address below to receive the Content Marketing Toolkit.” –  The Call-to-Action should be simple and immediate. Example: “Get The Toolkit.”

Look at the pages your competitors use, review and dissect them with your marketing team.  Decide what works, why and how it applies to you, and how you are presenting the same product or service verbally. What is effective and what is not, how can you learn from this? It’s obvious.

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