The One Goal

Your landing page has one purpose: to attract email subscribers and lead them to the opt-in. Every element, whether design or copy, is meant to lead the visitor DIRECTLY to the opt-in box.

The landing page design is not the same as your website, so stop trying to complicate things. Eliminate the header, navigation, and any other element that has nothing to do with the opt-in. Period. Done.


Have as little as possible on the landing page and opt-in form, NO CLUTTER!

Display your opt-in box above the fold, so visitors can see it immediately when they land on your page. Also, the landing page should not distract from the main call to action. The main CTA should be the most prominent and the only goal, to get them to click on it.

Use whatever you can to build trust on the page so the opt-in is easy. Do you have testimonials that are great? Do you have letters from the happiest customers? Do you have reviews that would sway someone’s opinion, if they read it while staring at your lead page, waiting to press the giant button? Any way you can add social proof will increase your opt-in rate conversion too, so try to build confidence to focus on the one goal.

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