SEO is Like Rock and Roll, 20 Steps to Stardom

As a former Rock N Roller who rocked the Hollywood scene for many years, my transition into SEO and the work I have done over the last 7 years, has made me stop and think, SEO IS A LOT LIKE ROCK N ROLL!  …Really!!

I made a list to share to see if anyone would agree with my 20 similarities that came to mind one night while writing SEO reports and listening to Aerosmith, Rush & a little Tool.  It may not be relevant to some, but I think you SEO Rockers will get it.

1. You are always going to be kissing ass to be at the top, until you have a big budget or go Gold.


2. You need to learn how to really play an instrument or get good at what you do eventually.


3. Your story is super important, don’t forget how to tell it using the right words.

4. You will eventually hate your band mates and people you work with and sleep with their girlfriends.

5. You will be tempted by men in black hats selling drugs, scams, and sex, but that’s okay.

6. The artists in the band will always come up with stupid ideas that sometimes work!

7. Your boss/manager will piss you off and make you work so hard that you will eventually fire him.

8. Once you get the gig, you will hand out 2,000 flyers to get 20 people to show up.

9. No one will remember you unless you have that hot drug addict graphic designer redo your Band Logo.


10. You will have to keep working harder even after you have already worked harder.


11. Your Record Company’s hoops of fire will only get harder and more impossible as time goes on.


12. Your fans will want you to do all these old songs you have played 8,000 times, the worst songs you wrote.


13. You will need to know how to deal with the sound guy. He is your friend, if you piss him off you will sound like shit.


14. You will continually turn all of your bits of notes and scribbling’s into a book that will be published after you’re dead.


15. You need to be really fucking lucky.


16. Your songs don’t need to have great words and lots of passion to make it to the Top 10.


17. Make sure you have tricks, hair spray, cool clothes, and eyeliner to appear better than you really are.


18. Make sure chicks love you, dudes are important too.


19. You need to make sure your gigs have people there or you pay to play to no one.


20. You need to be able to turn it up to 11, at the flip of a switch.


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