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Search Love San Diego – Top Tweets Day 1

The Search Love San Diego conference offers some powerhouse speakers in a two day lineup. I’m still processing all the information shared yesterday. I sat in on day one wearing two hats; one as ZD Design Agency social marketing manager and another as SEM San Diego blogger/social media manager. Tweeting as @SEM_SanDiego  for the two day conference was a challenge—only because of the amazing takeaways from the speakers!

Search Love San Diego speakers

Our stream got CRAY-ZAY busy with social media nuggets from #searchlove and we thought we’d share some of our favorite tweet takeaways from the first half of day one of the event:

The morning speakers from day one of #SearchLove were the amazing @MelCarson, @EdmontonSEO@adriasaracino, @portentint & @CPC_Rick


Mel Carson


Some of our favorite Tweets during the Mel Carson (Author of Pioneers of Digital: Success Stories from Leaders in Advertising, Marketing, Search and Social Media)

 talk on “Celebrating the People Behind the Pixels”.

@SEM_SanDiego: Brain can assimilate an image 40x faster than words @MelCarson #searchlove

@portentint: Technology doesn’t dictate what you do. Ideas dictate how you use technology. @melcarson #searchlove YES DAMMIT

@DanLeibson: Technology needs to support core business instead of dictating how it works #searchlove

@sem_sd: June Cohen: “What works for other media might not work online. So survey, test, learn & optimize” @MelCarson #searchlove

@lookado: After launching Webmaster Tools, Google saw reduced tickets from webmasters by 90%, thanks to @VanessaFox! @MelCarson #SearchLove

@DanLeibson: Spend time understanding the values of collegues and clients, it will help you communicate ideas provide empathy #searchlove @MelCarson

@lookado: It’s not about the channel or the mechanism (the technology), you still need to have a great idea. @MelCarson #SearchLove

@mackfogelson: Spot an opportunity in something that has already been done and make it better. @MelCarson #searchlove

@portentint: Doing it WELL may be more important than doing it FIRST. @melcarson #searchlove

Darren Shaw


Some of our favorite Tweets during talk with Darren Shaw on “Audit and Fix Citations for Local Search Gain”.

@sem_sd: Don’t create new listings. Fix bad ones! @EdmontonSEO #searchlove

@sem_sd: Step 1: Gather all current and inconsistent NAP data. Ask client for this! @EdmontonSEO #searchlove

@jbartoli #searchlove there is no way to canonicalize your local listings, clean them up individually, don’t create new ones

@portentint: LinkClump for Chrome great for collecting citations @edmontonseo #searchlove

@sem_sd: Case sensitivity not issue with citations. Street vs St ok too. @EdmontonSEO #searchlove

@sem_sd: When updating and fixing citations take time to enhance & improve them! Fill out every field. @EdmontonSEO #searchlove

@mackfogelson: Try this plugin to speed up your citation cleanup: … @EdmontonSEO #searchlove

@sem_sd:  great tool to use for citations and listings overview @EdmontonSEO #searchlove

@sem_sd: Yext great for new businesses that want to build out key citations quickly. @EdmontonSEO #searchlove

@lookadoo: Factual – Data is used by Apple Maps & mobile apps. Fix this data here:  @EdmontonSEO #SearchLove

@portentint: Use the same e-mail address as the business when correcting business citations @EdmontonSEO #searchlove

Adria Saracino


Some of our favorite Tweets during talk with Adria Saracino on “Why Your Content Marketing Initiatives are Failing – and How to Fix Them”.

@sem_sd: Short Term – think tactical. Build & borrow influence for content marketing @adriasaracino #searchlove

@mackfogelson: Do outreach, use social media, leverage other people. Word. All community stuff that’s really powerful. @adriasaracino #searchlove

@DanLeibson: Clicking publish and sharing a link doesn’t make you an influencer – @adriasaracino #searchlove

@mackfogelson: Use PPC for bottom of the funnel content. @adriasaracino #searchlove

@sem_sd: What motivates gatekeepers / bloggers? Money. Yeah, it’s true. Next, authenticity! @adriasaracino #searchlove

@AaronGundy: Nice visual from @adriasaracino on where different content types fit into the funnel. #searchlove

@AaronGundy: 3 things that motivate publishers/bloggers from @adriasaracino at #searchlove

@mackfogelson: One of the biggest reasons your content marketing fails? Crappy execution. Don’t put your stuff behind a signup. @adriasaracino #searchlove

@sem_sd: Gonna have a blog? Need to track more than traffic and have a strategy. @adriasaracino #searchlove

@AaronGundy:Epic content checklist from @adriasaracino at #searchlove

@sem_sd: Check competitors to see what they are doing with content so you can bridge a gap! @adriasaracino #searchlove

@KristinaKledzik: Don’t assume what your potential customers want. Do research. @adriasaracino #searchlove

@mackfogelson: Plan people, plan. Have goals, a strategy, and execute effectively to be successful with your content marketing. @adriasaracino #searchlove

‏@stevemcquaide: Content Marketing goals-Short term:tactical. Mid term goals need a structured strategy. Long term needs a streamlined workflow. #searchlove

@sem_sd: Get ready for 60 tips from @portentint in 30 minutes. Hold on everyone! #searchlove

Ian Lurie


Some of our favorite Tweets during talk with Ian Lurie on “Weird, Useful, Significant—Super Tippy Version”.

@sem_sd: What works for one company won’t work for everyone! Don’t just jump on the bandwagon! @portentint #searchlove

@dfcanfield: @portentint says marketing is about ‘significance’ — ‘the quality of being worthy of attention.’ not enough to simply exist. #searchlove

@stevemcquaide: Holy crap. Use Amazon “people also bought” widget to find overlaps in markets. Brilliant. #searchlove

@mackfogelson: Use  or  to measure brand affinity @portentint #searchlove

@sem_sd:  get scraper for Chrome & view questions, highlight one & scrape & export @portentint #searchlove

@sem_sd: Don’t let the channel drive the message. Know the message & the best platform to share it. @portentint #searchlove

@lookadoo: Find out how many people like a topic:  @portentint #SearchLove

@DanLeibson: Turn your great content into slides and put it on SlideShare. Be like @jcolman@portentint #searchlove

@KristinaKledzik:Tell people there are no strings attached when sharing online, even if you think it’s obvious. It’s not obvious. @portentint #searchlove

@DanLeibson: In a study by @portentint the highest correlating factor to conversions was download time. Site speed matters kids #searchlove

@sem_sd: Weird + Useful = significant.and helps rankings! But signifcance works! @portentint #searchlove

@lookadoo: Marketing that’s weird, useful & significant: “This stuff is really, really hard, but it pays off big!” @portentint #SearchLove

Rick Backus


Some of our favorite Tweets during talk with Rick Backus on “Paid Traffic Doesn’t Always Suck”.

@sem_sd: Google shopping traffic is dead. It’s all paid now. @CPC_Rick #searchlove

@sem_sd: Text ads long tail for e-commerce products is almost dead. @CPC_Rick #searchlove

@KristinaKledzik: Text ads can’t target long tail searches anymore. You need to use Google product listings. @CPC_Rick #searchlove

@sem_sd: Don’t break out ad groups by SKU. This limits visibility for products. Start with 10-20 Ad Groups @cpc_rick #searchlove

@Will_GCom: The way Google is moving: Adwords strategists need to know data feeds for PLA’s. @cpc_rick #searchlove

@sem_sd: Google Marketplace coming. How will it compete with Amazon? @cpc_rick #searchlove

@mackfogelson: Key takeaways from @CPC_Rick at #searchlove. His presentation has been excellent. The guy knows his stuff.

@Kelly_Vaught:  Average position in Google product listing ads does not increase CTR. –@CPC_Rick #searchlove #dontoverbid


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