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Is Your Website Mobile Ready? Why Your Mobile Site Needs to be Optimized for Conversion!


Mobile commerce is exploding according to Stephen Pavlovich of Conversion Factory. At the recent Search Love conference in San Diego Stephen shared that “as smartphones and tablets become more common – and network speeds increase rapidly – more users are switching to their mobile”.

He said that “Within two years, 1 in 4 sales are expected to come from a mobile device”. Stephen believes most companies think it’s enough to have a mobile site, but haven’t started to optimize it for conversion.

David Moth of Econsultancy recently wrote a blog focusing on Why mobile is key to an effective multichannel strategy where he stated 44% of smartphone owners have used their mobile to find details about a retailer (e.g. nearest outlet or opening times), up from 32% in 2012.

Numbers don’t lie! If you don’t have a mobile site – it’s time to take the plunge. That is step 1! Step 2—optimize it for conversion. Bottom line is that mobile websites that optimize have a huge advantage for more online conversions (sales, walk in visits, calls).

Here a few more takeaways from Stephen’s Search Love talk:

  • Priority list for mobile conversion testing.
Test Page Goal Lever Ease Impact
Headline LP Trial Benefit

Video LP Trial Benefit

Multi-page form Form Trial Usability

Reduced form Form Trial Usability

No trial LP/Form Sale Offer

Autoresponder Confirm Sale Usage

  • Sketch out your designs on a white business card with a fat-tip Sharpie.
  • Compress content with read more button so it’s user friendly
  • For mobile usability testing: and
  • Use your own money to buy a product on your website. When you’re using your
    own money, you don’t ignore problems
  • Identify key mobile personas. Focus on 3-5 with usability tests, survey’s & keyword
  • Create mobile and non-mobile dashboards in analytics.
  • Mobile is so important to jump on now. If you wait for proven ROI, you’ll be behind
    your competitors
  • Mobile doesn’t have to be perfect, just better than competition
  • Impact of conversion optimization = increase in revenue, higher profit margin &
    ability to steal market share

You can check out Stephen’s full presentation on Slideshare

Bottom line? You can’t worry about mobile later, you have to worry about it now. Still on the fence? Think about this statistic and ask youself if mobile matters…. 80% of users logon to Facebook via mobile. Now ask yourself if your demographic might be part of that 80%.

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