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How Would People Describe You?

by Alexa Williams @alexawzd

Have you noticed a new hash tag in Twitter?  Maybe a post on Facebook asking you to describe a friend in three words?  One of the hottest trends making its way around Twitter and Facebook right now is Three Words, developed and launched by Mark Bao, a technology entrepreneur, CEO of Avecora, founder of Ramamia, TickrTalk, Classleaf, and Adaptance and just 17 years old.

What are people saying about Mark?

Three Words is a website with one goal: it allows people tell you what three words best describe who you are in their view.  How does it work?

Head here and sign up and you’ll get a customized link that looks like this: Add a custom background and a avatar (photo or graphic) and you’re done. It’s so simple and fast!

From the website use the share button to post to Twitter and Facebook with a link to your personalized Three Words page and request your followers and friend to describe you in Three Words.

On December 30th, Bao posted on Hacker News, and says he built – as an MVP that he posted on Facebook and his friends began using. Within 3 days the entire Twitter results page for “” tweets were happening within the previous five minutes. On December 30th the site doubled in pageviews in just one hour.

On December 30th these are what the site stats looked like:

227K pageviews. 50K unique views. 71% traffic referred. 8,285 users. 3,100 new users in 1 hour.

The big question is whether or not the site and Bao can sustain itself long term.  If you check out the above Hacker News link to see the growing thread discussing it’s growth and future.

Goes to show a simple and fun idea can grow organically and quickly.  What is it about Three Words that is so interesting?  Why does it peak our interest?  Well, who doesn’t want to hear what people think of them? Especially if those are glowing words of admiration!

Have fun and don’t forget to share your Three Words!

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