Should Breweries Use Twitter?

Article by: Kayvon Bahmanyar @KayvonZD

With 46 breweries, Portland has claimed the name “Beervana”. When someone thinks of Portland they may think of rain, bicycles and Powell’s Book Store. Ask any local and they will tell you it’s the numerous breweries around the city that also make Portland the cool city it is.

Twitter allows beer lovers to follow their favorite breweries. Breweries on Twitter can post messages about what’s going on within brewery. Whether it’s the launching of a new beer or a special event happening in the future your Twitter followers will be right there.

So what’s in it for the brewery?  Why take the time to create a Twitter page?  You can see by the breweries that have already created a presence in social media with Twitter they are able to share more with their customers. For example, in the summer you can introduce new beers and events for the Brewer’s Festival.  Breweries also have an opportunity to watch discussions by doing a search for their name and find out what people are saying.  How cool is that!

A few of the Portland Breweries on Twitter:

Widmer Brewery

Bridgeport Brewery

Full Sail Brewing Co.

Deschutes Brewery

Upright Brewing

Rogue Ales

Picture taken from Bridgeport Brewery, Portland, OR 97209

Twitter also allows you companies to brand their company to a larger market. It throws your name outside the Portland metro area and connect with beer bloggers. For example, provides excellent reviews on local breweries.  How smart are they?  They just happen to be on Twitter and Facebook.

The next time you visit a Portland brewery be sure to ask if they have a Twitter or Facebook account. You don’t want to miss any beer tastings or festivals. With Twitter you won’t.

Looking for more breweries and beer festivals in Portland?

Here is our list of all the Portland Breweries we found on Twitter.

If there are other Portland breweries on Twitter please let us know so we can add them to our list. Email us at

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