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Facebook Engagement, Do you have it?

by Ann Kaleshnik at ZD Design Agency

With the start of 2011 and the economy showing signs of improvement, businesses are trying to grow and expand in this optimistic time. However, business is played on a different playing field today than it was even a few years ago.

One of the most apparent technological changes for business recently has been the boom in social media marketing. For businesses that used to compete via means of T.V., radio, print, and even million dollar Superbowl slots, we find ourselves now competing for fans, friends, and followers.

If a business cannot be creative and interactive with their audience using social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, there is a threat of them getting left behind in this highly dynamic and technological world.

I, myself, am fans of my favorite businesses, products, and services on Facebook. Some of them I follow religiously and others I haven’t visited in months. So what separates the two categories and how can a business stay ahead of their competitors on this front? It’s simple, through engagement.

Companies with Facebook pages are able to manage their wall and post content but very few engage their audience and encourage them to come back to visit their Facebook page. This lack of engagement leads to fewer visits and less interest by the fans and followers.

Engagement is as simple as communicating and connecting with the audience. One simple way to succeed at this is by allowing not only your posts to be seen, but to set your page to show all posts on the main wall to be viewable. You can easily do this by going to the manage permissions link while editing your page and choosing manage permissions and choosing all posts under ‘wall tab shows’

Facebook Wall

The majority of fans are that for a reason; BECAUSE THEY ARE ACTUALLY FANS. They are fans because they like your business, your product or your service. And a lot of fans like to say nice things about the businesses they choose to LIKE.

So, businesses adjust your wall tab to allow the good feedback and comments to be seen by everyone. If a business happens to get a negative comment, you can use this as an opportunity to showcase your fantastic customer service skills and demonstrate with your feedback to the poster that is your goal to make them happy and take care of them.

BUSINESSES- make your posts viewable from you and others! Let people see the good things said about your biz!

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