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How To Design Lead Pages For Better Conversions

A Lead page is a kind of landing page that focuses on collecting “leads” most often in the form of email addresses. In order to maximize your conversions and increase your likelihood of actually getting your users to fill in that box…there are a few guidelines to follow and things to think about in the design process of your lead page. Any objective-based design has to start with asking a few questions and putting yourself in the user’s shoes. In doing this, you can answer these questions and create a design based on user experience.

1. I don’t want your spam.

If you’re asking for someone’s personal information, you better have a good reason. People aren’t going to give up their email addresses unless what you’re offering in return is just as valuable as a piece of their privacy.  If it is, make that obvious on the lead page design so they know it’s worth filling in their email. Make it convincing so they don’t have to think twice about whether it’s worth it or not.

2. I don’t want this to take long.


If your user is on your lead page, chances are they already know why they’re there. Don’t complicate the process by making them go through page after page before they get their content (if content is what you’re offering in exchange for their email). Just remember that every additional step you make them go through is one more moment they could reconsider and opt-out.

3. I don’t want to read a novel.


Keep it simple and to the point.  Use the AIDA principle to swiftly guide your user through the process:
• Awareness – attract attention from the visitor
• Interest – which can be aroused by highlighting the benefits to the user
• Desire – induce in users the idea that they want the content you are offering
• Action – users giving you their email in return for your content

4. I don’t want 10 other offers.


One of my least favorite things about lead pages (from a user perspective) is when they assume that just because I wanted to download a texture or icon pack, I’d also want to get 5 emails a day about unrelated offers.  This is how your list shrinks, not grows. Keep it simple…keep it honest.

5. I do want good content & a good user-experience!


Don’t let all these “don’ts” make you think there aren’t any “do’s”. Instead, let them guide you around what not to do.  What’s left is a well-designed, optimized lead page with higher conversions than ever before. Designing the experience with the user in mind also makes sure you don’t leave your visitors with a bad taste in their mouth…and they’ll likely come back to you for more later!

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