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How to Drive Traffic Using Social Media Networks: Tip#1

1. Social Media Networking Websites

Building a website is easy… building website TRAFFIC is the crucial part.

You need to take action to drive traffic to your website.   The good news is that with consistency and implementation most of these things can be done for free.  Good techniques provide long term success and strong SEO techniques can provide a change in website ranking and visibility, quickly and over time.  Keep in mind that many of these methods need to be diligently performed and kept consistent over time to see the results.

Ultimately, IT CAN BE DONE and YOU CAN DO IT … that is the key.

Social networking media websites…  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and many others that continue popping up all the time.  These sites are all out there to provide additional backlinks to your website.  Once you have joined and created a business page on these sites, they become additional websites found in your search for your business name and your brand, and potentially your product and service.

Social media websites may be one of the easiest methods to drive traffic to your website. Don’t forget their primary purpose as social arenas, you must participate and engage properly on these networks as individuals, particularly those with significant popularity and followers.


  • Top social media networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Create quality backlinks
  • Social websites allow business pages
  • Create social signals to the search engines
  • Requires work and upkeep –simple strategy and quality content
  • Easiest methods for quality referral traffic

Now is the time to pick a social media platform, create a business page, and …



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