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How to Drive Traffic Using Bookmarking Sites: Tip #2

2. Bookmarking Sites

BOOKMARKING SITES such as, Dig, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and many others are still relevant.

These are one way to create traffic quickly and get your website indexed in the search engines, as well as build quality focused traffic.

Of course your website must be interesting.  You need tips and articles that are intriguing or unique to your services and products. You must provide great photos and quality content for it to be shared.

This is what bookmarking sites are all about… SHARING.

Even unglamorous businesses can add great content, photos, tips, pages and even contests to their website and social media accounts.  This is all content that users will find worthy of sharing. That is the key.  If they bookmark your website then you have high quality links coming back to your website.

Remember that these types of sites require participation and the right type of engagement, which includes following other users, looking for power users, and maintenance, for the effort to be fruitful.


  • Bookmarking sites are still relevant.
  • Dig, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.
  • Content must be interesting and unique.
  • Add high quality photos, valuable tips, fun contests.
  • Create quality content and people will SHARE it..!!

Get started with Bookmarking sites… and LET’S GET OPTIMIZING!

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