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7 Things I Re-Learned about Marketing Automation at BlitzMetrics University

1. With marketing automation, a simple viral cycle is all you really need.

Creating effective methods to implement marketing automation can be as easy as following a simple plan, understanding the possibilities and creating a simple viral cycle. Business owners need to understand this concept as well as how to implement marketing automation in today’s online environment. It’s super important to follow a system that is proven and can give clear results.

Create an easy to follow system + consistency = a method to make business marketing work for you and go viral in the process.

It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, you just need to do it. If you are able to SET realistic GOALS, create quality CONTENT, nail down your TARGET customer, and determine the best way to AMPLIFY your content to that customer, YOU WIN!

Keep Your Eye on the Shining Goal: Nurturing Relationships. This is the goal to have a healthy viral cycle that supports great business relationships with your customers.


2. Align yourself with your influencers, this will elevate you.


To achieve greatness, learn from the professionals, who through trial and error have made all the mistakes, and have learned to do it right. Take advantage of your best qualities and be authentic. If you align yourself with the people who are doing it right, you will SUCCEED. This does not mean you won’t want to change and tweak what you are doing along the way.

It takes hard work and effort to be great. It’s possible to have effective marketing automation with a little work and determination.

Create a perspective and vision, then  present it in a professional way and before you know it you will be visible and in front of the ones you admire. Once you hone it all even further, by working on improving your message and increasing your confidence levels, you will be taken seriously, and MAKE YOURSELF AN INFLUENCER.

Your online campaigns are only as good as your list. Don’t buy lists – generate and build your own list of qualified leads and constantly replenish it.


3. Creating content is not as daunting as it seems.


Content doesn’t have to be scripted or over analyzed. If you make the effort, that is the first step. Don’t over think things, or nothing will get done.

If you are not a writer then record your thoughts and transcribe your message. If you can’t do that, then record a video of yourself and do it over and over, until you have something of value or something that gets your point across. If you are a designer and don’t write, use imagery with smart messaging. You don’t have to be a writer or an actor, just tell your story, in any way you know how. With video, blogs, social media and website marketing, you can easily create content that will get you noticed and send a clear message to your potential customers and existing clients.

Remember, people with less experience and less capabilities than you are doing it, right now, as you read this. Don’t let the mountain in front you diminish your own ability. Climb the mountain and when you get to the top, reward yourself, because you have conquered the world. Then you have to do it again and again to get to greatness, but that’s OK, because now YOU KNOW HOW to do it, right?

Displaying different content targeting different segments of your audience on your website will help cater your site to their unique interests, and help them make the right choices as the next step in their buyers’ journey to increase conversions and have fewer touch points before customer takes action.


4. Checklists make it possible.


There are certain items that have to be in place to ensure that you are ready and able to achieve client marketing goals, and show you can measure the work. The only way to do this is to create simple checklists that you can mark off. Whether it’s for your clients or for yourself, these checklists make it possible for you to get to the next step with the reassurance that you are doing it right. Otherwise you will always second guess yourself and you won’t feel like you are ready, ever. The thing to remember is that you are ready now, whether you know it or not.

So have a checklist that will achieve your goals and give you and your clients a way to gauge how much work needs to be done. I guarantee it’s less work than you think. You have to have the priority items in place and your plate cleaned off BEFORE you can do anything.

Marketing automation starts with email, but your customers are interacting with your company across all sorts of channels. Find a marketing automation system and develop a strategy that serves up relevant content across all the channels effectively.


5. A good story is easy to amplify.


Being authentic and honest is the way to set yourself apart from the rest. If you do this in a clear and concise manner, there is no stopping what you can achieve or how far it will go with marketing you or your business.

Everyone has a story, tell it with the emotion that only you can deliver and with the passion that only you have. My story of building my business at ZD Design is unique to me and my journey and I am the best person to tell it.

Interweaving the story you tell with bits of quality messaging and tips can only bring more authority to your work and your clients’ marketing. By believing what you say and offering real world authenticity with it, you become unique and your content will be real and deliverable. It will also give people a reason to share, comment, like and reach out to you to learn more.

When it’s real and authentic, it carries itself and will be easy to amplify and WORK FOR YOU.

Marketing automation at its best is really an extension of the human touch. It’s pure service at its core: anticipating the needs of your audience during their journey and then providing the right information at the right time in the right context.


6. Niche development for your expertise will help create your story.


What makes you unique and different than everyone else? Only you know this.

If you are trying to connect with people, it requires being honest about your ability and your shortcomings. It means you have to stay within the box that is you and find the unique aspect that makes someone want to listen to you or read what you have to say. If you educate yourself to be the best you can, in what you do, your niche will become more evident. If people refer you within certain sectors of business or marketing and you get work often from certain types of people and businesses, you have a niche. Sometimes it’s not 100% clear until you take the time to look at it with perspective.

What is YOUR PASSION and where do YOU SHINE? You have to look at these things to truly find where you stand out from the rest. The only way you can market yourself is to look at these aspects and hone the whole thing, without being ‘wishy washy’. So GET BUSY and develop your niche.

The single most important part of planning marketing automation is the segmentation of lists and having different funnels that speak to these segment.


7. Develop relationships with your influencers.


Who do you follow? Who teaches you what you know? Who do you respect and admire and emulate? Bottom line, who makes you think and watch with open eyes?

If you can identify your influencers you can align yourself with them and market to their people. If you get to know more about these people and see how they failed and succeeded, you can see that it is possible to improve your targeting and effectiveness. You can reach out to these influencers easily via social media and get to know them. You can reach out to them for advice and ask them questions.

GET VISIBLE and MAKE YOURSELF THE EXPERT you already are by outreach and communication. It works if you take the effort and time, and if you track your communications and correspondence. YOU CAN be friends with your influencers, really!

Identify a few important stages in your funnel, and 1-2 personas to clearly target your audience. Think about your personas, where in the buyer’s journey they are at the beginning of automation, and where you want them to be at the end. This is crucial.


8. There are way more than 7 things I learned at my week at BlitzMetrics.

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