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Inbound Marketing? Yes, Inbound Marketing! Hubspot’s Dan Tyre, co-speaker with Dan Zarrella, both with Hubspot recently spoke to a sold out crowd at Karl Strauss Brewery in San Diego on the merits of inbound marketing and how to elevate your social media presence. Hug San Diego partnered up with SEM San Diego to deliver an awesome event with an amazing amount of takeaways for marketers and business owners.

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Dan Zarella, formally the social media scientist, now the social media diva was on hand for a great 45 minute session with our groups covering what works in social and what doesn’t. Not only can he lift over 430lbs but he weighed in on different methods of effectiveness on a variety of social media platforms. He spoke about everything from “comments to links correlation” to how to measure best time to post what types of content and what the real world trends are in social.

He explained things efficiently, quickly and had the crowd going with his witty sense of humor and personal delivery. Dan has great experience testing and seeing firsthand what works with social and Inbound marketing and understanding of “why” stuff works. An expert in our industry Dan Zarrella has evaluated data on many levels and tested results in different scenarios with social content, email marketing and inbound strategies. Dan even worked the front desk signing books and provided a great prezi for the fans.

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Dan Tyre of Hubspot, who co-presented at the event says Inbound Marketing is the way to do business in 2014. Forget cold calling and spam emails and instead create awesome content. Let’s make that clear though… create content that your ideal customer will want to read and then get it out there on your blog, on landing pages, in downloadable pdf’s or whitepapers. Use CTA’s and email captures to gain qualified leads and then market to them with more great content. You’ll earn their trust and that is the best way to bring in new clients!

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With the social media scientist himself as main speaker, Dan Zarrella shared some great insights to levitate your social media game plan and here are just a few takeaways…..

Segment your prospects using automation.

  • Buyers are sick of marketing interruptions.
  • 86% of people skip TV ads.
  • 44% of direct mail is never opened.
  • It’s a myth content spreads because it is good.
  • Need to get people’s attention, expose them to the content and motivate them to help spread content.
  • It’s 250% more effective to have a profile picture for engagement and likes.
  • Identify yourself as an authority.
  • Positivity works better than negativity.
  • Don’t crowd your own content. (Don’t tweet or post 10 times in 5 minutes, instead spread them over time).
  • Tweets with 100-140 characters have better re-tweet rate.
  • Put links in the middle of long tweets, not at the end.
  • Retweet activity has highest percent of effectiveness and reach on Thursday and Friday.
  • Tweets using are 94% more likely to be re-tweeted.
  • Tweets with Instagram links are 42% LESS likely to be re-tweeted.
  • Using phrase “Please Re-tweet” gets 4x more re-tweets.
  • When posting use words: would, should, who NOT how and why questions.

With some power tweeters in the house, we had to share some of our favorite tweetable tips from the two Dans!

Hansen N Hunt ‏@unomos
Stoked to be leading a sold out #inboundmarketing event today @Karl_Strauss with @Nicca619 @HubSpot @SEM_SanDiego #SDHUG

Kari Embree@KariLikeSafari
“The best way to still get business is still word of mouth…and social media is the new WoM.” ~ @dantyre #semsd #sdhug

Maria Juan@_MariaJuan
You weren’t joking. @dantyre is the micro machine man of marketing. Did he say something about landing pages? #sdhug

Organik SEO@OrganikSEO
“Inbound marketing: attract–>convert–>close–>delight” – @dantyre of @hubspot #sdhug

Julien Brandt@Julienbrandt
“Myth: Ideas spread because they’re good. In reality its about exposure, attention and motivation” @danzarrella #sdhug @SEM_SanDiego

Alexa Williams@AlexaWZD
If people can’t find you, they can’t buy from you– @dantyre #sdhug #semsd

Sam Hosenkamp@SamHosenkamp
@OrganikSEO: “Engaging in the conversation doesn’t increase reach. Sharing interesting content does” – @danzarrella of @HubSpot #sdhug

Julien Brandt@Julienbrandt
“Myth: Ideas spread because they’re good. In reality its about exposure, attention and motivation” @danzarrella #sdhug @SEM_SanDiego

Julien Brandt@Julienbrandt
When networking: Identify yourself authoritatively to build credibility (then stop talking about yourself) @danzarrella @SEM_SanDiego #SDHUG

Organik SEO@OrganikSEO
“Shares based on adjectives and adverbs tend to get shared less.” Write simply and plainly. – @danzarrella #sdhug

Kari Embree@KariLikeSafari
Ask for what you want > RT @_MariaJuan: #sdhug “Please Retweet” doesn’t work. Please Retweet to get the word out. @danzarrella

Julien Brandt@Julienbrandt
When developing content for Facebook consider it “mainstream media” compared to twitter thats more niche and often more nerdy #sdhug

Alexa Meisler is social media manager at ZD Design Agency and writes articles about social media optimization, retargeting and more.

ZD Design is a San Diego based marketing optimization company that focuses on Facebook advertising, social media and marketing automation.

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