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How to Use the New facebook Audience Insights for targeting in the Sporting Goods Industry

Have you checked out the new audience insight tool on Facebook? Launched in May of this year, the audience insight tool on Facebook allows you to hone in targeting on business pages through new suggestions based on the information input. Then use this information to guarantee your Facebook ads reaches the right Facebook users.

Just head to your Ads Manager and click on Audience Insights to get started.


I’m using an example of one of my clients in the sporting goods industry. Norvise, is a premium rotary fly tying vice used by fly fisherman to make flies easier and faster. I’m starting by taking some general information I use for normal targeting such as age, location, and basic interests and input them into Audience Insights.



With my basic targeting input, I can head over to the ‘Page Likes’ tab to view a graph that shows me drilled down interests of my basic targeted audience.



On the same ‘Page Likes’ tab Facebook shares other page that are likely to be relevant to this audience based on Facebook Page likes. This is where it gets interesting because you are shown recommendations of other interests to target based on Facebook’s data mining.


Then head over to the Location Tab. Here I’m given top cities and countries for my geo-targeting.


This is just one example of using the Audience Insight for honed in targeting. You can play around with demographics, purchase activity and household tabs as well as many other behaviors, job titles, education, relationship status, politics. Just take the targeting you have been using for your current ads and plug them in. Facebook will then offer up new ideas for honed in targeting. It’s a great tool and great way to get new insight to your ideal customer.

Before you leave Audience Insights make sure to save the audience and use it to create a custom audience in power editor or ads manager.


Used the Audience Insight tool? Please give us your feedback and let us know your favorite way to use the data.


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