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What Do Facebook Followers Want?

There was a study done by DDB where they surveyed thousands of fans across six different countries. And the number one answer they got for why people “like” a business Facebook page is because they are looking to get offers from that business.

The best way to make sure that all of your fans see an offer, coupon or deal is with a Facebook ad that targets only your fans. When one of your fans clicks on the ad take the fan to a landing tab on Facebook where there’s an opportunity for them to be able to share this offer out with their friends.

This is the best way to get into the news feed which then allows the most people to see your business. Let your fans do the work, so the post is in their news feed promoting your deal, rather than trying to “hope” to get your promotional posts to have a high-enough post quality score to be seen.

The reality is that Facebook has an algorithm called EdgeRank that determines what gets shown on your fans news feed. Basically, every single post put out on a wall gets a post quality score. And if you have a low post quality score, the post doesn’t make it to very many people. And the fundamental things that influence your post quality scores has to do with the number of interactions you’re getting on your post ( how many likes,  comments and shares) and then, of course, the element of time.  And then of course, how many of those are occurring really close to each other.


Step 1 – Post on your wall in a way to facilitate a sense of community with your fans, not to self promote.

Step 2 – Gain fans.

Step 3 – Use Facebook ads to promote deals and coupons.

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