14 Ways to Define Your Social Media Audience

You’ve set up a page for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and maybe even a FourSquare account. Now comes the work. Yep, the real work which is determining your target audience and speaking to them based on their needs, wants and interests.

If you haven’t created a social media plan with detailed goals and objective, it’s your next most important step. Within this plan take time to develop three persona’s of your ideal client. Why is this important? If you don’t have a firm grasp on who your client is, how can you speak to them on your social media accounts!

Looking into the future

Taking the time to develop and execute a social media plan with detailed personas will get you deeper in the head of your audience. Creating these personas will also allow you to anticipate what your ideal client needs and wants.

What could possibly be the problem? You’ve got your social media icons on the home page of your website and your posting regularly. If this sounds familiar you are not alone. There are reasons a blog readership might not be increasing or the number of fans and followers  on your Facebook or Twitter business page aren’t growing. Maybe you are getting followers, but when you post a question, nobody answers or you are not getting any re-tweets.

Why spend hours each week working on blog content, posts for Facebook, tweets and more if you don’t know ‘who’ you are speaking to?

Don’t get me started on push marketing also known as the “I only post about my business” marketing. That is a whole topic to itself, let’s just please all realize marketing has changed and social media is meant to be…………. social! That’s right. The goal is to connect, talk and engage.

Getting back to our topic—knowing and understanding your audience. Can you answer these questions?

Who is your audience? Do you really know them? Who are you writing for? Why do you tweet? What is the purpose of your Facebook business page? If not, pause your posting and take time to develop an understanding of your current client and your ideal client. Get out pen and paper and answer the below questions for both your current and ideal client base.

Social Media Persona: 15 Details to Define Your Audience
Your Social Audience Is Your #1 Marketing Asset. So, take your time and focus on details and demographics to define your current customer and your ideal customer:

  1. Where do they live?
  2. Where do they work?
  3. How old are they?
  4. Are they single or married?
  5. Are they men or women? Or both?
  6. What do they do for fun?
  7. What is their lifestyle?
  8. Where do they hangout when not at work?
  9. Where do they hangout online?
  10. What types of online conversation are they having?
  11. Are they talking with your competition?
  12. How much money do they make?
  13. What is their lingo?
  14. Are they casual or Professional?

Use these questions and add any more you can think of that would define your ideal customer. After creating three personas sit back and ask yourself how can you best use your social media accounts to connect to these people.

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