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Top 12 Social Media Tips for 2014

With a New Year, comes new resolutions! What are your social media aspirations? Here are 12 easy ways to maximize your social presence this year:


1. Change things up a bit, stand out from the crowd. People get bored with the norm. Here is a good example from Beyonce and how she handled her recent album release.

2. Maximize your LinkedIn account and endorse a colleague or two! Here are some tips from Forbes on handling LinkedIn endorsements.

3. Be aware of your privacy settings! This is so simple and takes little to no time at all, but millions of Facebook users have no knowledge of this feature.

4. Everyone has a unique interest or hobby. From Youngonrawfood to Goodreads, find a niche to suit your needs.

5. Add color! Take your LinkedIn account to the next level and showcase yourself with some color.

6. Make presentations more interactive and engage your audiences! These small tips can make a huge difference.

7. Social media can enable negative and harmful posts. Stand up for yourself and don’t let Social Media bully you! Read on about a COO who stood up to a customer and won.

8. Avoid hashtag overload. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – here are some tips on proper hashtag etiquette.

9. Join a new platform and dive in head first. It never hurts to try something new and you never know where it could lead!

10. Avoid irritating status updates! Read more about this recent annoying phenomenon and how to steer clear of it.

11. Over the past year, lots of annoying buzzwords caught on. For a laugh, recap those 2013 phrases here.

12. Enhance travel planning with Pinterest’s Place Pins! Create pinboards for trip planning and targeted future travel destinations.We’d love to hear your feedback!

Please also share what works for you in social!

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