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How to Schedule Facebook Posts in 7 Easy Steps

Do you want to maximize your time on Facebook? Of course you do! This article explains How to Schedule Facebook Posts IN ADVANCE! Schedule your whole week’s facebook content in one sitting so that you don’t have to worry about posting anything for the rest of the week! Utilize the rest of your time to engage  with others on Facebook or creating ads.

1. Create your post. Put some thought into it and create valuable content!

For the sake of example, we are going to schedule a photo and a text caption. Feel free to post whatever you want: a status, photo, link, video, or event. Be sure to change it up and have variety amongst your content!


2. Now, instead of clicking the “Post” button, click on that little clock image on the bottom left-hand corner of that status box. Once you click that clock button, it should look like this:


3. Choose the date that you’d like your post to be scheduled.

Scheduling allows you to experiment with posting on different days and with frequency! Choose whatever rate is comfortable for you and whichever times your audience responds to (ex: daily, weekly, twice a week).


4. Next, add the time you want it to post.

Play around with different times and figure out which time of day is best for your page, in terms of reaching the most people and getting the most engagement.


5. Once you have selected the date and time, click “Schedule” and you’re done!


6. After you click “Schedule”, there will be a pop-up.

If you don’t want to do anything else, you can click “close”. If you want to see your scheduled posts or EDIT any scheduled post, no worries, you still can! You can click “View Activity Tab” and it will bring you to a page with all of your scheduled posts.


7. How to Edit a Scheduled Post.

Scroll down to the post that you want to edit, and click the little down arrow on the top right-hand corner of that post. It will drop down options for you to, “Reschedule”, “Edit”, “Publish Now”, or even “Delete”.


And that, my fellow marketing friends, is how you schedule Facebook Posts. Really simple, really fast, but most importantly, really valuable.

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