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5 Simple Design Tips for Landing Page Optimization


A landing page is different from other web pages because of one defining factor. It is designed to sell one thing. Whether it’s a product, a subscription, or a free e-book download, the only thing you want the visitor to do is complete the sale. It is important to review and optimize landing page design because the goal is so specific.

You want to create a user experience that is fast, easy and guided, like a personal tour. Don’t make your visitors think about what to do, limit their options to one distinct pathway. This will greatly increase your click-through rates and provide a better user experience.

Here are a few tips to keep your landing pages clean and optimized.

1. Start with the Headline.


This is how your visitors know why they’re there. You need to be clear about the one amazing reason they need to stay on this page, rather than your competitor’s.

2. Use the Sub Heading to Explain Your Offer.


Now that they know why they’re there, briefly explain why they should be glad to be there! This is where you assure them that they’ve come to the right place.

3. Eliminate or Greatly Reduce your Navigation.


As I mentioned before, there is only one reason for this landing page’s existence. For that reason, get rid of all other navigation to the rest of your website. You might think it’s a good idea to give them the option of viewing some of your other services…but you’re wrong. If this landing page’s content is successful, they’ll come back for more on their own. Focus on the task at hand.

4. Use Images to Illustrate the Offer.


People don’t like to read; they like to look at pictures. Keep text to a minimum and utilize imagery that will make your visitors excited about whatever you’re offering them. Pick imagery that is inviting and relevant to your offer. You don’t want to use something just to catch their attention, if it doesn’t illustrate your offer you’re just distracting from the goal and leading your visitors off track.

5. Customize the “Submit” button.


Everything about your landing page should be custom-designed to sell one thing. The submit button is no exception. Make sure that it matches the look and feel of the rest of the page. Also be sure that it stands out and has a very clear call to action. Just leaving it at “submit” can detract from the excitement of the offer on the page, so make it say something more engaging like “get your free ebook now!” Since everything about your landing page is meant to make the visitor click this button, keep that in mind and make it count.

The easiest way to create an optimized landing page is to create a simple landing page. Keep your end goal in mind and stick to the plan, omitting unnecessary content. Landing page optimization is a process with many steps, so give each step equal attention. You can get into more detailed tests after the fact, like visual heat maps and a/b tests, but using these simple tips in the beginning will get you off the a better start!

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