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Create Your Own Facebook Page Vanity URL

Facebook can be used for anything from expanding your business to networking with millions of users to promoting yourself because you’re just that awesome! Facebook’s Social Media platform offers millions of users the ability to quickly and efficiently exchange information, so naturally users should want to personalize their pages with a customized Vanity URL (customized web address).

What do we mean by customized Vanity URL?

So when you first sign up for Facebook, the site randomly gives out a number and URL, for example: This is why it is really important that you customize your Facebook Page URL to something simpler like:, because you want your URL to be memorable.

What is the purpose of a Username?

Usernames were created to make it easier for Facebook users to find and share their profiles with other users. Choosing a username is optional but you should keep in mind that it does add an extra level of professionalism and gives you a shorter, easier to remember and more impressive web address for your page.

So how do you claim your Vanity URL for Facebook?

Once your Page has reached 25 “likes” you can claim your own unique Facebook URL.  So now your Vanity URL can be personalized to read like: Claiming your vanity URL is super easy, just follow the steps below!

First you need to decide on a username. There are a few things to consider before creating your username:

  • It’s a commitment! Once you change your username, you’re stuck with it. It can’t be changed again.
  • Keep in mind that Facebook is indexed by search engines faster than most websites which means your fan page could appear in the search results faster than your website.
  • If you’re customizing a URL for your business, you should consider whether you want to user your business name or a description of your business.
  • PSA: As with most things, be sure to follow the terms & conditions to make sure you are able to keep the username you choose.

So now that you have decided on your username, here’s how you claim it:

First, log in to Facebook:

Go to

  1. Select “Select a Username” for your page.
  2. Once you see the drop down menu, select the page you want to create the username for.
  3. If your page has 25 fans you will see a box.
  4. Enter your preferred username and click on “check availability”
  5. If the name you chose is available, you will be shown some final terms – if you are happy with your choice click “confirm” or select “cancel” to try another one.

Now you’re ready to send out your new URL to all your friends and fans.

Remember – this won’t work for a Page that doesn’t have 25 likes or more.


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