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10 Social Media and SEO Rock Star Speakers You Need to Know About

In our internet-addicted society, we expect nothing less than the capability to find ideas, information and inspiration from people all around the globe. And thanks to social media and blogs, that luxury is almost always free.

But, some things are worth paying a premium for. Below is our list of the best of the best speakers you should make a point to hear speak this year.

The following is a list of ten powerhouses well worth getting out of your computer chair and going to see at conferences and other live events. If you have any interest at all in doing business online and learning from the best in the social media and search engine optimization world, pay attention!

Marty Weintraub


The aimClear blog has been one of Cision ACB’s top ten blogs in the social media space. But one look at his profile pic tells you that Marty’s personality can’t be fully expressed through any electronic device. He’s one of the foremost authorities on Facebook advertising, but he’s no slouch when it comes to boosting search engine rankings.
He’s a smooth speaker who drives home each point with clarity, giving actionable steps you can use as soon as you get back to the office.

You can find Marty at his SMX East Facebook Workshop, and conferences including AllFacebook Marketing Conference, SES San Francisco, Pubcon Vegas, Search Exchange in Charolette

Avinash Kaushik


Avinash is easily one of the most brilliant minds in the online marketing community. And while you can appreciate his ability to make the complexities of SEO and web analytics easy to understand on his Occam’s Razor, seeing him live on-stage gives you a whole new perspective on the subject. He’s quick-witted, entertaining and highly interactive.

You can find see all of Avinash’s upcoming speaking gigs on his blog here:

Ian Lurie


When it comes to online marketing, Ian’s a jack of all trades. That doesn’t mean dabbles: he’s a well-respected expert on web copywriting, SEO, email marketing and social media. He’s proven time and again that he can give creative and humorous presentations on each of these topics (and quite a few more).

If you want a Grade A education from a guy who can tie together every aspect of your internet business, look no further.

You can find Ian at conferences including MozCon, PubCon, SearchLove Boston.

Mike King


Mike is a search engine and inbound marketing master. He’s been the architect behind the SEO campaigns of major corporations like LG, State Farm and Citigroup. As a cutting-edge thinker, he generously shares his insights to help you push the envelope to take your online efforts to the next level. Your competitors pray you can’t make it to events where Mr. King is speaking.

You can find Mike at conferences such as MozCon, PubCon, SearchLove Boston.

Scott Stratten


Social media is all about engagement. There’s no better expert on that subject than Stratten. No one hears him talk about marketing without developing a burning desire to re-think their entire approach to communicating with their prospects and customers. That’s a good thing, because Scott’s concept of “un-marketing” is becoming increasingly powerful as consumers grow weary of push-based, in-your-face techniques.

You can find see all of Scott’s upcoming speaking gigs on his blog here:

Rand Fishkin


Rand, CEO of SEOMoz, is one of the world’s top experts on inbound, search engine and social media marketing. He’s not only given presentations for Google and Microsoft, but even the United Nations has booked him on multiple occasions!
Fishkin is always at the forefront of online developments, and the keen insights and breakthrough discoveries he shares on his blog and from the stage will keep you in step with the top 1% of web marketers.

You can find Rand at his SEOMoz conference MozCon and Hubspot’s Inbound 2012.

Giovanni Gallucci


In a day when there are so many loud voices with little substance behind them, Giovanni is exceptionally gifted at creating marketing with meaning. As well-known branding strategist, he’s been helping organizations to fully leverage content, search engine and social media marketing for years.

In person, his passion is contagious, and his innovative ideas will help you set your business apart from everyone else in your field.

You can find see all of Giovanni’s upcoming speaking gigs on his blog:

Greg Boser


Greg is president of Blueglass Interactive. He speaks internationally about the finer points of search engine optimization. After 15 years in the game, there are few people who can teach you how to make search engines love you as well as Boser can. His presentations are unprecedented opportunities to learn from one of the pioneering masters of SEO/SEM.
You can find Greg at MozCon.

Tom Critchlow


When celebrities and politicians want to hire someone to handle their reputation management and online marketing, Tom is often at the top of the list . A veteran search engine marketer and pay-per-click advertising professional, his presentations rise above the tactical to help his audience see the “big picture.” His approach is thorough and practical, enabling listeners to begin developing a total strategy for social media and search marketing.

You can find Tom at conferences such as MozCon.

Wil Reynolds


Wil’s been both a student and a teacher of search engine and web marketing since 1999. Some of the companies he’s produced SEO strategies for include Barnes & Noble, Mercedes Benz USA and Disney.

During his presentations, Wil goes to great lengths to ensure that every individual walks out of the room with at least one idea that can transform the results they’re getting from their search engine and social media marketing efforts. His enthusiasm to share his knowledge and experience in a way that translate into effective action make him a favorite at live events.

Did we miss anyone you think should be on this list? Make sure to share in the comments below.


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