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@mentions, promote your company!

Why does using Twitter’s @Mention help to promote your company? @mention is a tool that, when used strategically, creates strong connections with other businesses and customers.

The @mention is part of Twitter dialog. It is a reference to another user within a tweet. Using the symbol @ before another user’s name creates a clickable link to their account within your tweet. The manual way to @mention is to place the symbol @ in front of another twitter user’s name (@username) as you type a message.

Or if you want to mention someone from a Tweet you are viewing, ‘mouse over’ the tweet and options will pop for: Favorite, Retweet and Reply. Click on ‘Reply’ and the @ plus the twitter account will automatically appear in your message box. Now just type in your message and hit the Tweet button.

Using @mention strategically is a method to create dialog with businesses and potential customers. It means replying to a Tweet they have posted or asking a questions. You can mention something on their website or maybe share a link. For example, Cole Hardware is benefited when Income For Good Causes (@giftcardoffers) tweets a link to an article about the store’s support for their community. Cole Hardware @mentions @giftcardoffers, which gets that group more visibility.  They have reciprocated the favor creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Strategic use of @mention creates an extended network that can benefit your business. The networking method of @mention illustrates the value of social networking on a commercial level. The Internet is an opportunity to expand your company to a larger market. It’s can be confusing to navigate the many opportunities online. Twitter’s @mention is a method to make social media work for your business. Advantages include: increased brand awareness with your potential or existing customers and direct relationships with people and businesses.

An example is when The Fly Auction Daily mentioned Nor-Vise in a tweet. The four twitter accounts at the end of the tweet are @mentions.

Fly Auction tweets: The FlyAuction Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @fethastyx @norvise @skeenaflyfisher @fishpanama

Nor-Vise returned the favor and tweeted: @flyauction Thanks for including us in the The FlyAuction Daily.

The social nature of @mention acknowledges a business with less perceived bias. Using @mention creates a comfortable familiarity. It is similar to how much more effective word-of-mouth communication is compared to other ways to promote a product or service. The @mention should be sincere and honest. This sort of communication develops trust in relationships with other businesses and consumers.

Your business can be viewed by a much wider network than just your own followers. When someone does a search for your business or another business, close to the time of the @mention they might see it. Your account name will show up in their timeline. Every time tweeters see your user name or associates it with a popular topic, your business gains visibility. Repetition is a good way to be easily recalled later when a person wants your product or service.

Give it a try; @mention a user interested in your type of business or area of expertise. User names that you should @mention need to be credible, relevant and consistently engaging. This adds different perspectives, increasing the value of following your tweets. Ultimately @mention connects businesses and people. Slipping your name into the electronic community is effective, builds relationships and promotes your business.

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