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What is HTTPS?
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol – is the language used by the internet to communicate requested resources between web clients and web servers. HTTPS is the secure version of that protocol. HTTPS initiated web exchanges use encryption, authentication, and TSL or SSL security certificates to ensure that the data passed between clients and servers cannot easily be corrupted or intercepted by malicious 3rd parties.

Why should I use HTTPS on my site?

The internet is evolving in response to increased consumer demand and regulatory scrutiny around data security practices and privacy protection online. Led by major browser operators like Google, Mozilla and Apple, HTTPS is fast becoming the web-wide protocol standard. As such, we recommend all sites in the CJ network use HTTPS, and host HTTPS sub-resources (links, images, audio, video files, etc.).

There are many benefits to migrating your website, and CJ links to HTTPS. We’ve listed a few below for your reference:

1. Website integrity and data security for your site visitors. Malicious third parties cannot exploit HTTPS web-resources to inject malicious code or gain access to personal information.

2. Improved Site Experience for visitors. Browsers will flag non-secure sites and site content for visitors which erodes trust and disrupts the visitor’s experience of your site.

3. Improved search ranking. Google has stated their preference for HTTPS for all sites by including HTTPS as a ranking factor in their search algorithm. You will not hurt SEO rankings by updating to HTTPS from HTTP.

4. Improved referral data for Network Quality and Analytics. Since many browsers will block non-secure resources by default or prompt consumers to consent before loading non-secure content, HTTP referrals may not make it into site analytics. Using HTTPS sites and sub-resources ensures greater transparency and reporting accuracy.

How do I know if I’m hosting unsecure sub-resources on my website?

Google has published detailed instructions for its Lighthouse Tool, which will help site operators audit sites for unsecure content, and manually update mixed resources to make sites fully secure. All CJ click and image links are upgradable to HTTPS. Beginning with Chrome 81, Google will attempt to auto-upgrade all non-secure content to HTTPS, however, we highly recommend upgrading any non-secure content manually to protect the security and integrity of your website for your visitors, and to prevent disruptions to your site experience.

How do I migrate my Site to HTTPS?
Google has also published recommendations for migrating sites to HTTPS.

If you want to talk to us about making your site HTTPS: compliant, email us at and let us know or call us at 619-255-2659.

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