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A New Look at Power Passwords

by Ann Kaleshnik at ZD Design Agency

Online accounts hacked and passwords stolen can be very nerve racking but also very easily Having avoidable if you’re picking your passwords wisely. We all know we shouldn’t use passwords like a first or last name, birthday, or pet’s names. But anything more complicated than that usually never gets remembered and gets lost in the process of trying to remember the other million things that we need to. Raj Goel, founder of Brainlink International, offers us some tricks on how to create a vault-proof password.

First, he says to think about favorite songs or book titles. Make sure it is something you will remember. For example, one of my favorite childhood books is Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak. After picking your title, select the second, third, or fourth letter from each word. Choosing the second letter would give us the following results, HHIHR. This is the base word.

Then lets add in some numbers and characters such as $,*, #, ! in between the letters from the base word. For example, integrate in the symbols that correspond to a relatives birthday like your mom, because we all know our mom’s birthday! Now, convert these to the uppercase equivalent on your keyboard (7/22/48 = &@@$*) Mixing these symbols in with the base word will produce H&H@I@H$R*.

For extra security, mix in case sensitive letters to increase the strength.

It would be hard for anyone to figure this password out but easy for me to remember (favorite book and mom’s birthday). Keep in mind that having numerous passwords for work, shopping sites, and financials is a good idea too. It seems like a lot of work but it is even more work having to deal with your personal information getting compromised. For more information on this and other web and SEO techniques, subscribe or email us:

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