10. Advanced SEO Techniques

301 Redirect (Permanent Redirect) – If you don’t have this in place your website analytics may be split and you may not be seeing accurate data.

Alt tags & Title Tags – Need to be keyword rich and have proper descriptions of what those items are that are being clicked on or hovered over.  This gives Google an idea of what information is contained within your content, which is very important.

Link text on pages – Review the actual text within the link, reference your keyword library, and make sure the specific links are texturally correct to match what you are targeting on those specific pages.

Duplicate content – Google doesn’t like to see duplicate content on your site, or pages that exist in other places on the web either.  It cannot tell who the originator was of the content.  Google wants to put the correct author with the right content.

Competitive research – Look at websites of your competitors and see what they are doing on their site so you can gain that competitive edge.  There are toolsets such as MOZ tools, Kiss Metrics, and others that will help give you that competitive edge.

Red Flags, Webmaster Tools – Connect to Google webmaster tools to be sure you are aware of how Google sees your site, and shows you red flags.  With these tools you can correct any issues that you could have been unaware of and are affecting your ranking.