How to get better results from your Facebook page

Post visually appealing content such as photographs, infographs, and designs.  Be sure they are high quality, sharp and refined, color corrected, and even punched up with more vibrancy to grab the attention of your visitors.

Share content outside of Facebook by sharing on your website through badges, sharing buttons, like buttons, etc.  People are more inclined to trust the information when you offer these features, and will be more likely to take action.

Tie your shares to sales and ROI.  What are the pros and cons?  An audience as large as Facebook can be a huge pro because the audience is so expansive; yet, finding where your business fits into the mix of that very large audience can be a daunting con.  – To reach a larger audience, strive to achieve these three metrics.  Look at affinity of who you are targeting.  Be sure the weight of the content is high quality.  The time delay of how quickly things trickle off.  The sooner you get engagement from your posts, the more value your posts have and you will get results more quickly from the marketing of your content.

Don’t be afraid to do some advertising on Facebook to see what kind of results you can get with growth campaigns.  You can target more people and grow your audience more aggressively.    Use Facebook as a tool to direct people to your content, and to reach people that are already interested in what you have to offer.

13. Post Visually Appealing Content

14. Support Sharing Outside of Facebook

15. Tie Shares to Sales and ROI