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Niche development on your expertise – Tip 6 of 7

6. Niche development for your expertise will help create your story.

What makes you unique and different than everyone else? Only you know this.

If you are trying to connect with people, it requires being honest about your ability and your shortcomings. It means you have to stay within the box that is you and find the unique aspect that makes someone want to listen to you or read what you have to say. If you educate yourself to be the best you can be, in what you do, your niche will become more evident. If people refer you within certain sectors of business or marketing and you get work often from certain types of people and businesses, you have a niche. Sometimes it’s not 100% clear until you take the time to look at it with perspective.

What is YOUR PASSION and where do YOU SHINE? You have to look at these things to truly find where you stand out from the rest. The only way you can market yourself is to look at these aspects and hone the whole thing, without being ‘wishy washy’.

So GET BUSY and develop your niche.

The single most important part of planning marketing automation is the segmentation of lists and having different funnels that speak to these segments.

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