Let’s Get Ready to Stumble!!!

By: Kayvon Bahmanyar @KayvonZD

On January 3rd StumbleUpon’s CEO, Garrett Camp (@gmc) shared a fact many didn’t see coming:


12 million StumbleUpon users versus 600 million Facebook users. Doesn’t seem like a fair fight. Well, apparently these numbers don’t mean much because the increasingly popular site, StumbleUpon passed the famous Facebook for social media traffic. How can this be?

Graph from StatCounter

StumbleUpon is popular for sending visitors to websites that have been “Stumbled”. A term used meaning a site has been bookmarked by others. It takes you to sites that relate to your interests, friends, and habits. Users can write a review about the website as well give it a “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down”. The stumbles help determine the user’s preferences letting StumbleUpon get to know you and then offer you new suggestions based on your likes and dislikes.

With StumbleUpon you don’t have to search through numerous websites that don’t pertain to you, saving a lot of time. With StumbleUpon’s “Like or Dislike” feature a website can receive hundreds or even thousands of stumbles in just a few hours. Talk about going viral!!! Some pages even get stumbled hundreds of thousands of times. Now that’s some traffic!!! The Stumbled site below has already received 316,000 views.

Image from StumbleUpon

Facebook, though popular and generates a significant amount of traffic, only offers a small portion of what StumbleUpon can do. Facebook aims toward meeting new people and creating relationships which requires a lot of time and patience. StumbleUpon is not only faster but allows the new website to go viral almost instantly if it receives enough “Thumbs”.

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