How to drive traffic using Incoming Links – Tip #3

3. Incoming Links

Inbound links are links coming into your website.  The search engines are looking for key indicators that your website has value, so they can rank you higher.  The numbers of links presented on other sites that point to your website helps determine the popularity and the level of your website and how it should be ranked.

Exchanging links with as many websites as you can, that are high quality websites, can help you create better link backs to your website and give you better ranking. If you know of vertically relevant websites that you can exchange links with, these links will compliment your website, company, or services.  You want to do this as much as possible.

These links are a big indicator to Google and other search engines that your website has popularity and relevance.


  • Incoming links are still valuable and super important.
  • You need links pointing back to your website.
  • Links create popularity and are a big indicator that your website has value.
  • Google and all other search engines like to see links.
  • Exchange links with companies that you have relationships with, that are high quality and vertically relevant to your business.


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