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How to drive traffic – Tip #8: Update Content Regularly

8. Update Content Regularly

This is a tricky one for most company owners.  They think that once their website is up, it is done and working for them.  It doesn’t work that way anymore, these days you need to update your content on a regular basis.  Google is constantly updating its algorithm, and when it does this it is looking for different factors and indicators that will help your website rank higher in search.

It has already been reported over the past 2-3 years that between 15-20% of Google inquiries are affected by algorithmic changes, and these changes are happening every 3-6 months.  Some of these changes are focused on low quality mass produced SEO content.  This means that you need to create new content for your site as often as you can, and make it as unique and of the highest quality as possible.  More than ever you need to create new fresh original content and verbiage on a consistent basis, and Google will reward you.

Try adding some tips and articles, a blog, and FAQs pages.  These are all things that will give people a reason to come back to your website as a resource.   This will create value within your website.   Try to update with new info every week or two, if you can.


  • Remember that Google’s algorithm is being updated constantly.
  • Content farms don’t work anymore.
  • SEO tactics need to be considered.
  • Tips, Facts, Articles, and much more…


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