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How to drive traffic – Tip #7: Submit Your Site to Search Engines

7. Submit Your Site to Search Engines

Submitting your site to the search engines is the quicker way to get your website indexed than just waiting.  First thing you do to optimize your website.  It is the first step for increasing traffic to your website… SEO-101.

Connect your website with the tools that are available on the specific search engines. Connecting your website and lets the search engines know that you exist.  Do not wait for them to have to find you on the internet.   This will help you increase website traffic.

Be proactive and submit your website and your website site map to the search engines voluntarily.   Submitting a sitemap is the best thing as it encourages the search engines to examine your website and crawl your site more often.   Visits by the search engine spiders are a key way to increase website traffic.


  • Submit your site to the top search engines.
  • Submit site maps.
  • Connect your website to the search engine webmaster tools.
  • Be proactive.
  • Don’t wait.


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