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How to drive traffic-Tip #6: Guest Blogging

6. Guest Blogging

At ZD Design, we highly recommend that you guest blog on relevant websites that get more traffic and are higher level websites than your own.  This will add value to your website and search engines like it too. Guest blogging is an immediate way to build relationships with businesses that are vertically relevant and compliment yours.

Offer to write a guest blog on a website that has great traffic.  It will broaden your audience while still allowing you to build your brand identity and showcase your expertise in your specific field.

Writing for websites that are more successful than yours, and get more traffic, generates one way back links to your website.  Google likes one way back links.  It’s an indicator that helps Google rank you higher because it thinks your website is more important.


  • Write blogs for relevant and more successful websites.
  • Build relationships with complimentary websites.
  • Offer to guest blog on websites with good traffic.
  • Create one way back links (Google likes this!)


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