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How to drive traffic by holding a Contest – Tip #4

4. Have a Contest

One thing that really works to increase traffic to your website is to hold a contest and give something away.  Do you have something valuable you can give to your customer or potential customer? You DO, we all have something.

A contest creates interest, engagement, and communication. Create a landing page that drives people through your website to opt-in to the contest. By opting in, people give you their email addresses and this helps you grow your email lists.  When people give you their email addresses for the contest, and end up on your email list, this is a conversion.  This is how you build highly focused and targeted lists.

You could give away a product, service, or gift certificate for your business.  Choose something that will create the most interest to a current or potential customer.  You can even give away gift certificates for popular branded stores (like Target or Starbucks, etc.) that the public already has knowledge of and is comfortable with.  Don’t forget to use your social media sites and bookmarking sites to spread the word.

Hold a Contest!

  • Give something valuable away
  • Create a landing page with an opt-in
  • Capture emails
  • Offer gift certificates or something of value
  • Spread the word via social media


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