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Develop relationships with your influencers – Tip 7 of 7

7. Develop relationships with your influencers.

Who do you follow? Who teaches you what you know? Who do you respect, admire, and emulate? Bottom line, who makes you think and watch with open eyes?

If you can identify your influencers you can align yourself with them and market to their people. If you get to know more about these people and see how they failed and succeeded, you can see that it is possible to improve your targeting and effectiveness. You can reach out to these influencers easily via social media and get to know them. You can reach out to them for advice and ask them questions.

GET VISIBLE and MAKE YOURSELF THE EXPERT you already are by outreach and communication. It works if you make the effort and take the time, and if you track your communications and correspondence. YOU CAN be friends with your influencers, really!

Identify a few important stages in your funnel, and 1-2 personas to clearly target your audience. Think about your personas, where in the buyer’s journey they are at the beginning of automation, and where you want them to be at the end. This is crucial.

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