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How to Create or Delete Google+ Circles

G+ is a rapidly growing social networking tool for connecting with your friends, your family and to explore your interests. Circles are one of the special features of G+ that makes it different from Facebook and Twitter.

When we first use G+, many people may wonder what Google+ circles are. G+ circles are like lists or categories. It is a way of organizing people you follow into specific groups, and you can create as many circles as you want.

Here are the steps for creating Google+ circles:

1. Go to G+ main menu, in the top left corner, and click on the circle icon “People.”



2. You will see your circle page. It should be like this. Click on “Your circles” at the top of your circle page.



3. Click on + circle at the bottom. It will appear like this.




4. Type the name of your circle. For example, I want to create a new circle named Fish. Then, click on “create empty circle.”



5.  Your circle will pop up as an actual circle. You can drag friends into the circle to expand it. For example, I drag some friends from the following circle to the Fish circle, and my friends will be in both circles because G+ lets you add a person to multiple circles.



After creating a circle, you may no longer have the need for it and want to delete it. Below are the steps for deleting a circle.

1. Open your circle page. At the bottom are all your circles. Click on the name of the circle you want to delete. For example, I want to delete my Fish circle which I just created above. I click on my Fish circle.



2. Now, my circle appears like this.  Next, I click on the trash can icon, and the fish circle will disappear.



People can’t see what circles you add them to. You can post an update to a circle, and only people in that circle can see your post. Circles may be confusing at first, but in time you will know how to create and manage them effectively.

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