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Create Content – Great Unique Content – Tip 3 of 7

3. Creating Great Unique Content is not as daunting as it seems.

Content doesn’t have to be scripted or over analyzed. When you MAKE THE EFFORT, that is the first step. Don’t over think things, or nothing will get done.

If you are not a writer, then record your thoughts and transcribe your message. If you can’t do that, then record a video of yourself and do it over and over, until you have something of value or something that gets your point across. If you are a designer and don’t write, use imagery with smart messaging. You don’t have to be a writer or an actor, just TELL YOUR STORY, in any way you know how. With video, blogs, social media and website marketing, you can EASILY CREATE CONTENT that will get you noticed and send a clear message to your potential customers and existing clients.

Remember, people with less experience and less capabilities than you are doing it, right now, as you read this. Don’t let the mountain in front you diminish your own ability. Climb the mountain and when you get to the top, reward yourself, because you have conquered the world. Then you have to DO IT AGAIN and again to GET TO GREATNESS, but that’s OK, because now YOU KNOW HOW to do it, right?

Displaying different content targeting different segments of your audience on your website will help cater your site to their unique interests, and help them make the right choices as the next step in their buyers’ journey to increase conversions and have fewer touch points before customer takes action.

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