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checklists make it possible – tip 4 of 7

4. Checklists make it possible.

There are certain items that have to be in place to ensure that you are ready and able to achieve client marketing goals, and show you can measure the work. The only way to do this is to create simple checklists that you can mark off. Whether it’s for your clients or for yourself, these checklists MAKE IT POSSIBLE for you to get to the next step with the reassurance that you are DOING IT RIGHT. Otherwise you will always second guess yourself and you won’t feel like you are ready, ever. The thing to remember is that you are READY NOW, whether you know it or not.

So have a checklist that will achieve your goals and give you and your clients a way to gauge how much work needs to be done. I guarantee it’s less work than you think. You have to have the priority items in place and your plate cleaned off BEFORE you can do anything.

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