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15 Facebook tips to better results and conversions – tips 7-9

How to get Better Results from your Facebook page – Tips 7-9

Use Facebook as a tool.

Ask questions right.  Focus on “where, when, would, and should” types of questions.  Avoid “why” questions.  People prefer to keep it simple and chime in with bits of thought and perspective.  “Why” questions feel too invasive, and keep Facebook visitors from interacting.

Use “fill in the blank” posts.  These types of posts have a 9-10 time higher comment rate, than if you post without asking for any type of feedback.  You will get a much higher engagement factor if you do. Don’t forget to look back at the Facebook comments from your fans and mining them for what is important to them.

Be topical and stay relevant.  Look at what’s going on regarding current events around you and that are important and of interest to your viewer.  Give people information that is coming up, so they feel they are getting the “inside scoop”, and you will get much better interaction on your Facebook.

  1. Ask questions properly.
  2. Use “fill in the blank” posts.
  3. Be topical and stay relevant.


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