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15 Facebook tips to better results and conversion – Tips 10 – 12

How to get better results from your Facebook page

Use Facebook as a Tool.

Win the Super Bowl.  If you are in brand competition with others that are looking to get the same results, winning that competition of event or campaign can bring higher engagement to your posts. Your goal is to be the leader in giving information and offering updates about an event or competition. Strive to be the first and the best for better engagement on your Facebook page.

Asking people to share. What is the risk?  When you ask people to share, you understand that it’s a bigger risk.  Don’t expect the same “share” rates as you would for “like” rates.  When someone shares your Facebook content, it is a bigger commitment for them, but as your share rates increase, your like rates will rise as well.

Ask for the shares.  Less than 1% of brands on Facebook, ask for the share.  If you ask the customer to share your posts, you will get more people to like your page and have better engagement results.  When you give your visitor direction, they are likely to take direction.

10. Win the Super Bowl.

11. Ask people to share. Understand the risk.

12. Ask for the shares.



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