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15 Facebook tips for better results and conversions – Tips 4-6

How to get Better Results from your Facebook page – Tips 4-6

Have a crystal clear Call To Action (CTA) within your Facebook posts. Be specific in your CTA as to what you are asking for. It will be less likely to get overlooked, and you will get more effective engagement and more likes on your Facebook page.

Sell softly if you have to sell at all. If too direct or aggressive, you will be a turn off to the Facebook viewer and engagement will drop. If you sell softly, and give people the opportunity to navigate to where you want to sell them, you will get better results.

We highly recommend that you end your posts with a question. When you end your Facebook posts and updates with a question, you will have 15-20% higher engagement rate. Your visitors are more likely to comment or ask questions to learn more.

  • Have clear CTA’s
  • Sell softly
  • End with a question


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