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15 Facebook tips for better results and conversions – Tips 1-3

How to get better Results from your Facebook page – Tips 1-3

Facebook posts can contain anything at all, and include links, tags, photos, etc.  The options are almost endless, but be sure to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Keep your posts short.  More characters in a post result in less engagement.  Especially for photos/videos, use brief description only to give reader an idea of what to expect when they open the photo/video.

Best days and times to post vary for everyone.  Look at your Facebook engagement rate and test and see when you get the best results. Our experience has been 15-20% higher engagement and growth towards the end of the week.

Keep it simple by posting a photo with a short description or a plain status update. Photos have 50-55% higher engagement rate than any other Facebook posts.

Use Facebook as a tool.

  • Posts: Keep them brief, using too many characters is not effective.
  • Best days to post.
  • Keep it simple.


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